Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Been a Bit Slack

Not much been going on recently - not having a kiln, and having to wait months on end to see the results of my random slipping and oxides and so on, I've been doing more squashing than keeping. A couple of photographs updating the previous pots:

The apple trees are red-iron for the branches, copper, and something called elder green for the leaves and apples. I assume oxidation is called for on the firing unless I want to end up with green trunks and red leaves...

The handle decoration was done with a broken square section clout nail. Not sure... seems Indian in style...

Ah - must get some sort of kiln sorted, even if tiny for experiments.


  1. Ha ha ha - have of course since learned that most of it will just run and burn away and end up nothing like the painting... we'll see! Oh dear... one has to laugh and hope.

  2. Double update: if this piece comes out like the last, it'll look like a shit-stained piece of armitage-shanks.

  3. Hey please look at my psychiatrist stinging machine on my blog and tell me how to do a wash. Thanks