Tuesday, 19 May 2009


Hi, I'm David, and started throwing in March - the bug has bit! Started this blog for the gentle pastime of making pots. Any advice gratefully received!


Two pots - the decorated one I chose the old Adam and Eve theme with the snake - I think it should be a winejug called The Temptation Jug.

The other one I made this morning, from the same amount of clay as the other, leaps and bounds, leaps and bounds. Didn't go as well as I hoped. But still, the girth and height increases. I did hear some good feedback from the college lecturers when K took some of mine in for firing. Something like "that's degree standard" etc cough cough cough. Blushes.

Personally I think that says more about that college than it does about my cack-handed three-months-in throwing abilities. I'm a great critic. My bete noir and one of my most useful attributes!

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